What is a Missional Community?

At the center of everything Mercy Hill does are groups we call Missional Communities (MC's). Every member of the church is encouraged to be part of an MC. MC's are a vital component of our church life and mission, they are so much more than your traditional Bible study, they are our: 

  • Mission - The first part of why Mercy Hill exists is to proclaim the Gospel to the lost. Each MC has identified a specific outreach focus that its members use to do evangelism in our community. This is the primary way Mercy Hill as a church engages in evangelism in Bullitt County. 

  • Community - Beyond an ordinary Bible study where members learn together, MC's provide individuals with the community that Christians need for the sake of their spiritual health. Yes we study the Bible together, but we also spend time sharing our struggles and burdens with one another, intentionally praying with and for one another, not to mention challenge one another to continue growing in faith.