what you can expect on sunday mornings

Singing. We sing songs (loudly) that praise God for his goodness and greatness. The worship band leads us in a variety of songs from different eras.

Preaching. One of our pastors will preach a sermon from the Bible. The Bible is God's word, we aim to learn it, trust it and shape our lives around it. 

Praying. Prayer is our way of approaching God to thank him, make requests of him and be with him. 

Communion. Otherwise called "The Lords Supper", where Christians in attendance remember Jesus' sacrifice through the physical symbol of eating bread and drinking juice. 

People. We're a family, we love to be around one another. Expect to be treated as part of that family. 


  • What should I wear?

    • Whatever you want. We normally don't get too dressed up.
  • is there childcare?

    • Yes. 
  • What time shoud I get there?

    • 10 am

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Mercy Kids is a program for children ages infant to 5th grade. Kids are split into smaller groups with other children their age and learn lessons from the Bible in fun and engaging ways from caring teachers.  

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