What Kind of Church are you?

Mercy Hill is a Southern Baptist Church. Learn more about the Southern Baptist Convention.

What Translation of the Bible do you use?

Bible readings on Sunday Mornings are read from the English Standard Version (ESV). Learn more about Bible Translations.  

Where did the church go?!

We've moved! If you've been following our activity, the new building located at 165 W. Joe B Hall is complete and we are now meeting there on Sunday mornings. 

Does shepherdsville really need another church? 

We think so. Yes, there seem to be churches on every street, but the reality is that in 2013 Shepherdsville was approaching 12,000 in population and if every church was full on Sunday, thousands would be turned away due to lack of space. The population is probably closer to 15,000 now which means the need is greater than ever. 

What do people at the church dress like? 

People wear whatever they want. Dress comfortably, dress casually. 

What time does service start? 

Service starts at 10:30.

What kind of music is played? 

A worship team leads the congregation in songs with words on a screen for us to sing with them. There will be contemporary songs mixed with classic hymns. 

Is there childcare? 

Yes! Mercy Kids provides a program for children from birth through 5th Grade.